Saturday, September 15

Sauce II

I'm sitting here in my cold, cold house wondering what I should do in the space of time between now and being up north tonight.

Of course, I could always make some more effing sauce.

Guess what? I'm an aunt! He was born on Thursday, 10lbs 3oz. He and Mom are both doing fine.

Wednesday, September 5


These are the tomatoes I've been waiting to make into sauce for almost a week. They are fresh from my overrun garden and they make very good sauce, if I do say so myself.

I'm being overrun by tomatoes. I have too many. I thought I'd be in the clear when I planted, because Bruce wasn't planning on being gone 75% of the time and my dad was doubtful that I'd ever have enough, but here I sit. Making tomato sauce every single day for the rest of my life without an end in sight.

Yesterday I looked in the fridge and thought, "Well, tomorrow I can use up these and the ones ripening on the island, and then maybe next week I can make another batch." Today I went out to the garden and found a whole canvas bag full of perfectly ripe tomatoes just waiting to be picked. So this morning I made a batch of sauce.  Actually, it was more than this morning, it was all day.  

This is the bunch I picked today.

Then I went and Wii'ed at a friend's house.  I am a terrible golfer.  I'm sure anyone who's miniature golfed with me in the past would attest to it, and I'm here to tell you now;  I'm a terrible golfer.

I have at least three more batches of sauce to make, which means three more packages of italian sausage and mushrooms and green peppers to buy.  Who has sauce without those things?  Not my house, that's who.