Monday, April 25

Confessions of a Paranoid Movie-Watcher

Last week I was flipping through the channels and happened upon the Sci-Fi channel. That channel has always been the bane of my tv-watching experience. I hope I'm not the only person this applies to. I hope that the Sci-Fi channel is everyone's version of a car crash. I totally turn into a gawker - you know, slow way down and hang open the mouth.

On this particular evening, they were showing (go figure) a science fiction film. It was the 1998 made-for-tv version, not the 1980 made-for-tv version, if you're interested.

Phew, have you ever had something to blog about planned out in your head, based entirely upon an idea that may or may not have been formed whilst drunk? No? Me neither.

I didn't see what the name of the movie was when I was watching it, but I did notice that one of it's main ideas revolved around this drug, "soma". If you work in a pharmacy, you see where I might be going with this.

You see, Soma is a brand of muscle relaxant. It's been around long enough for the generic to be much MUCH more common than the brand, so I figure it's got to be at least 10 years.. long before this movie came out.

You see where this is going, don't you?

I had it all worked out in my pretty little head that the drug company had somehow teamed up with the movie studios to make a pretty profit with the muscle relaxant that was making everyone so damned complacent in the movie.

Haha, joke's on me, though. This is the movie. And I might be slow in some areas, but I know for a fact that Brave New World has been around for a good long time.

I think.

Sunday, April 24

'Cause, You Know.. That's Just Odd.


So a few hours after the leaving of the Bruce to go to the friend's house for just a few minutes to "find the cell phone", I'm sitting here thinking.

Linus just pushed his little-kitty-strong-like-bull nose into the crack between the door and the frame of The Office and jarred it open. (It's named The Office because, as my dear soon-to-be-hubby once told me, "It's not exactly accurate, but why would we want to call it the "Blogging and Looking at Porn Room"?) Because I'm not in the mood for a replay of last weekend (see: Me calling frantically, unhappy at being by self at home; RE: Dependancy Issues), I toyed briefly with the idea of dialing the phone and letting him (Linus) talk.

Bruce: Hello?

Linus: Prrr-ooow-oo-OO?

Bruce: Linus?

Linus: Prr-OO-ooo-Oooo-OW?

Bruce: Of course! Mom has to work tomorrow, and she's getting sleepy! I'll be home to tuck her into bed with the fleecy blankets in 20 seconds!

Linus: Mrrooooooow-prrroooO!

Bruce: Of course she's not upset. I understand. She just wants me to cuddle her in so that she can sleep with ease. Don't worry.

Linus: Prrr-ooo.

Bruce: Hey, I'm pulling in, and I'm going to hang up. It's just too fucking weird when you're on the phone with someone and you're looking at each other. Bye.

From the "I Missed Out During the First Round, but Now I've Found it, I'll Show You" Files

Chez Miscarriage: Don't You Talk About Her That Way - Whoever She Is

We should all thank Jebus right this minute that there are women like Chez around to be so forthcoming, so steadfast, so goddamned hormonal.. and for fuck's sake, so fucking clever.

I love her.

Thursday, April 21

Mom is Insane, Talking is Good, Linus is Surprisingly Sleepy

Mom's IM: recipe

Sarah's IM: (nothing, waiting)

Mom's IM: (nothing, although the bar at the bottom claims she's typing...)

Three minutes pass..

Sarah's IM: You have a recipe? Or you want a recipe?

Mom's IM: i have one for you.

Sarah's thoughts: What the hell did you type for three minutes?

Sarah waits for five minutes for an actual reply, for fear of interrupting the obviously complicated recipe-typing that's happening. She's loathe for the cycle to have to restart (again).

Mom's IM: marinade

Mom's IM: italian dressing you know? put it with chicken in a ziploc and let it sit for a while. overnight. then cook it. it's great!

Sarah's thoughts: Can that actually be considered a recipe? Isn't it more of a shopping list? Aren't there general rules to calling something an actual RECIPE? Like maybe: "Must be complicated enough to necessitate recording"? Something along those lines? AND WHY DID IT TAKE HER FIVE MINUTES TO TYPE MARINADE?

Sarah's IM: Oh, we'll have to try that. :)


I wanted to point out to y'all, things are feeling spectacular in the casa de us. After that silly drunken post on Friday, Bruce and I sat down and had a long talk about what we're planning on for the next year or so. I also realized that I've been avoiding talking to him about what's on my mind. It's a throwback to the days when I was incredibly insecure - I don't want to bring up a topic, for fear it'll be poo-pooed or thought stupid.

Don't worry, I'm poo-pooing myself as I type.

The thing is, I know it's idiotic. When I stop and think about things, I know that there's a snowball's chance in hell that Bruce will laugh at me. Problem being I don't actually think about it anymore. I spent so much time shutting up that I don't even think to speak when I should. Feel free to roll your eyes at me. I am.


The evil feline beast has been surprisingly lovely. Sure, his balls are coming in, and it's making him all crazy some times, but it seems like for the past few days, he's started to get used to the surges of testosterone. Either that or he's got mono. If so, yay for mono! He's so sweet when he's sleeping.

In a few months, he'll be blissfully balless, and we'll be blissfully free of the demon that hangs from the screen door like a zebra mussel - forever!

Jay had an Awesome Idea

She asked:

A) What is the name of your blog?

B) What does the name mean (to you)?

Sunshine and Lollipops is a (slightly ironic) reference to the way I tend to look at life. Sure, I'm pretty optimistic, but I'm not always blogging about all the things in my life that are happiness and light. It pretty much means "Happiness and Light", only with a little more creativity. For some reason, it makes me think of Annie. I'm not a fan of Annie. It reminds me of the musical, is all.

And then there's my url: sunnystributeblog. I originated at, and posted there for a few months before coming over to blogger. I vaguely remembered posting there when I was a wee lass in college, and when I was meeting people on, it was the place to journal. Little did they know, it blows.

When I met Bruce, he had a blogger blog, and I was immediately in love. I started this blog in a thinly veiled attempt at copying him.. therefore the "tribute blog" name. Like a tribute band, only (if it's possible) less cool.

My user name is sunnyfreakingday. I chose this name because I used to go by the slightly-less-easy-to-pronounce soneedai (pronounced 'sunny day') on my Yahoo! chats. Sunnyfreakingday is easier to remember, and with a bite to it. It's not something I need to explain. I'm a ray of motherfucking sunshine, and that's all you need to know about me. Why not motherfuckingsunshine, you say? Well, obviously because Yahoo! does not allow FUCKING in their screen names. Many a teenaged fantasy has been ruined by that little rule, let me tell you.

So that's my story. I hope you enjoyed.

AKA: Sunny
AKA: Sunnyfreakingday
AKA: Soneedai

PS: If you're wanting to chat Yahoo! style, I highly reccomend you try the Advice Central 1 room. If you tell them sunnyfreakingday sent you, they might try to impress you with their attempts to act sane. Don't believe them. They're crazy fucks.

Wednesday, April 20

Wanted: Advice

I'm getting married in less than a month.

Any advice given about this special occasion, or on traveling, or on married life in general would be greatly appreciated.

So please, folks, as I'm lending my ears, lend me your advice.

Thanks in advance!

Friday, April 15

There has been an incident

An incident in which I might have appeared to be a bitch, but only for the amount of time it took for me to be invited to a bar I could get into (remember, ID incident) and get drunk.

There has also been an incident wherein the kitten feels that although I've arrived home drunk and smelly and promising of The Male to get here soon, he's still all over me and not relenting.

GIVE UP. Your entire face will not fit up my right nostril. RELENT.

[Ok, so I might have stolen that from someone funnier than I. It's still funny.]

And the biting of the (albeit drunk and feeling only part of the everyday pain) face is not making me happy.

I want to talk to Bruce tomorrow. A big, forever-type talk about everything. Sometimes (and I know this is screwy) I wish we still lived 11,000 miles away. When the only way I could fall asleep was to listen to his voice (and vice-versa) things got said a lot more frequently. As the wedding gets closer, I want to make sure we're getting closer as well. It's just too damn easy to fall into the 'wake up, do your thing, fall asleep' thing when the 'thing' is just waiting to be fallen asleep next to.

I miss missing him. It sounds ungrateful, but it's true. I miss him missing me too, sometimes.

Thursday, April 14


Everyone needs to go here: dissent post on Chez

and then

Everyone needs to go here: briefly comments

and read the comment by tira.

I've been reading infertility blogs for a few months now, and while I'm still sure I don't want any children, the struggles these women face are really touching. These two sum up a big bad feeling that I can't even begin to imagine.. and yet it's so important to read. Even if it doesn't apply to your life in terms of fertility, the point is there, and it's vital to having a happy life. In that being-happy-for-others way.

The Wedding-Outfit is Almost Complete!

We're on our way.

I came in from outside (I know, I know, my bad habit strikes again) to hear Bruce in the shower. We're going to Old Navy. Bruce wants to buy some appropriate footwear for the wedding/after-wedding (flip-flops, of course, why else would we do it on the beach?), and I need to find an appropriate swimming suit. I would post a picture of a tankini, but it appears that they are an extinct species at this time of year. WHY!? In any case, wish me luck.

Ok, so I know I own three bikinis already, but I can't be expected to showcase my amazing overgrown belly* in one of those, now can I? And no, before you ask, I'm not pregnant (Praise Pete!). It's the regular, run-of-the-mill overeating/underexercising sort of fantastic expanding belly**.

Bruce has been working his ass off on his websites, and I'm so glad. I wish there was a way to tell him without any doubts how much I appreciate it, but I don't think it's getting across. I might get bored hanging around the living room at times, but I'm a big girl, and if I really wanted to do more than watch Law and Order and Angel, I really would. I just happen to like being bored and watching re-runs. Hey, I dream big, what can I say?

Tune in tomorrow for a harrowing fairy tale adventure! (The moral of which is: Never Take the Advice of the Twelve-Year-Old Who Works at the Tanning Salon)

*Totally what my belly should look like, what with all my free time

**Totally what my belly doesn't look like after 6 months of lying on the couch eating cinnamon-sugar toast and watching re-runs. What, you think I'd post my hideous red gut for the world to see? Ok, maybe tomorrow

Friday, April 8

Kevin Noonin Beware!

So last night we were checking the mail, and we'd gotten this huge envelope from a Kevin Noonin and a guy named Brian Somethingicantrememeber. Kevin and Brian had enclosed a return envelope and everything, which I thought was pretty durn odd, because the only other thing in the envelope was a check - for two hundred dollars!

The really strange thing about it is that I have a feeling that this Kevin Noonin character might be Bruce's arch enemy. You see, we don't actually know what his name is, and it's quite possible that he's trying to sabotage us by sending us a seemingly great wedding gift. Obviously, as a superhero, Bruce can't be expected to just cash that check with utter disregard to what sort of trap it might be.

I however, as a superhero's fiancee, find nothing wrong with cashing it. I do agree, however, that it's much more likely that Kevin is his nemesis. After all, who would name their arch-nemesis-son Brian Somethingicantremember? Kevin Noonin is much more probable.

I woke Bruce up to tell him about my dream, and he understood instantly. "You mean my arch nemesis is married to a guy named Brian?"

Thursday, April 7


I so hope we get that check in the mail tomorrow, because, lets face it, this apartment is in serious need of some serious booze. And maybe some food.

Did I mention that I can't drink at the bar until I get my replacement license in the mail?

Oh, did I forget to mention that I lost my wallet?

There goes my reputation.

Tuesday, April 5

US Dialect

I found this dialect test online. It's pretty interesting.

The best thing about it is that it tells you (when you choose an option) where that option originates from. No cheating!

I'm 41% Yankee. (Barely into Yankee territory)

In a Forward..

"Life's Journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting..Holy Shit!! What a Ride!!"

We Have Liftoff!

Wedding stuff, here we come!

We spent the weekend seriously discussing options and slaving in front of the keyboard and monitor, researching places and things and stuff, and man, are my brains killing me. It's great, because we know now exactly where everyone will be staying, and how they will be getting there. It's horrible, because my fiance got to see exactly how much I dislike being the "planner" and the "researcher".

I think at one point yesterday, when we were looking up rental cars (just in case anyone wanted that information, you know, because we're so damned helpful in that sense), I actually whined at Bruce. "Sarah haaates reeeaasearch. Sarah doesn't waannaaa do this anymore. Stoooop." But he just laughed. As though I were kidding. Come on.

It's all becoming more and more awesome, though, as things are progressing. We've got a tentative list of guests - we're sure it's between 15-20. Do you want to know who's coming? No? Oh well:

  • Mom and Dad (mine)
  • Mom and Ron (B's)
  • Robby
  • Jamie (my cousin)
  • Grandma Sally
  • Lisa and (guest)
  • Jamie and Terri (B's TNow friends)
  • Abbie
  • John
  • Mac and Pam

That's only 15, but I'm betting we're going to pick up some stragglers, like Nikki From Florida and Sean Bruce's Brother. I've also got to call my old friend Eddie and see if he feels rich and up to a trip to Florida.

This is the hotel. Seriously, check it out. It's one of the nicest hotel websites I've seen lately (and for fuckssake, I've seen a LOT), and for a single hotel room, it's UNDER $50. I'm not sure where B and I hit the hotel-karma-jackpot, but I'm also not questioning it.

This is the lady who's making us married. I think it's extra-awesome that she does not only weddings, but commitment ceremonies as well. Not because we need it, but because it's awesome to see someone willing to perform them. Especially on people like the ones halfway down the page, The Ellusive Hot Lesbian Couple. I showed Bruce last night, after being shocked myself, and he said, "Oh my God, I thought it was a MYTH!!" Seriously, look at Jennifer Piper and Lisa Morgan. Hot, bikini-clad, and lesbians in a total state of commitment. It makes me teary-eyed. THEY DO EXIST!

Ok, that's about all I have for today. What the hell am I talking about? Why do I constantly diminish myself like that? THIS HAS BEEN KEEPING ME AWAKE AT NIGHT. Why do I have to say, "That's about all", like it's nothing? God, I suck. And I suck even more at making myself feel better.

You know what would really boost my confidence a little? A COMMENT!