Sunday, January 27


Me: sorry, mom was making me model a bathrobe from the 60's
He: happens
Me: does it?
He: to you at least

Tuesday, January 22


I've gotten stuck in three driveways in the past three days.

I think maybe it's some sort of unrealized superpower manifestation. The most useless superpower ever invented.

Monday, January 21


Here's hoping that this year is like March;  I hope it came in in the opposite way to which it will be going out.  In:  sad, inadequate, degenerate, alone.  Out:  happy, whole, productive, surrounded with love.  Not that I haven't been surrounded with love, but it's not completely been the sort of love I need.

Part of that will change soon, because I have finally connected with my sister.  I can't believe it took me this long, except I can totally believe it took me this long.  We're such different people, and only half of it stems from her being adopted out of the family.  I'm over the worst of it, though, and I really want things to be good for us.  I find it disgusting that she never met Bruce, for example.  One of the many ways I know that one or both of those relationships were not healthy for me.  Sadly enough, I'm sure that any inadequacies in that department belong to me.

I'm trying to blast up my year, my life.  In some ways it's not working as well as I'd have liked, but in those ways I have no control over it, so it is marginally acceptable.  I'm sure most of the people who read this are breathing a sigh of relief that I'm starting to count parts of life in the plus collumn again, after so much doom and gloom at the start of the year.  In my defense, however, one can't start out the year feeling awesome if one wakes up in one's car at 6AM having tried to drive on railroad tracks the night before on New Year's Day.

That's purely hypothetical.

For those of you who don't know, or who read my site through a reader (Hello!  I use Google Reader!  Please publish your full feed!), I'd like to mention that I have a sidebar application for Twitter, which I update (somewhat amusingly) a few times a day.  If I knew how to do a sideblog, ala:  Kerflop, then I would and save us all the trouble, but I'm unable.  

Friday, January 18


inediblehulk: I can't wait much longer for my TV
inediblehulk: It feels like Christmas
Sunny S: haha
inediblehulk: Circa 1988
inediblehulk: Well, except for that TVs sucked back then
inediblehulk: And I'm taller
Sunny S: you didn't think they sucked back then, you thought they were the most awesome tvs ever
inediblehulk: But I'm like a kid who's counting the days
inediblehulk: Yeah
inediblehulk: You're right
Sunny S: but you were shorter
Sunny S: that part you've got right.
inediblehulk: And my NES was as good as gaming systems would ever get
Sunny S: totally.
inediblehulk: I don't even want to know how I'll be wasting my money in 2028
Sunny S: hahaha
inediblehulk: Hopefully they fly, whatever they are.

Monday, January 14


He:  Woo.  Kinda drunk.

Me:  Wooo indeed!

Me:  Java beer?

He:  Bo's Vintage Ale... 22%abv  

Me:  Nice.  Have fun.

He:  Working on it.

Me:  I can't seem to resist telling you to be careful--it must be my old age.


Me:  You were supposed to deny that I'm old, cuntface.

He:  Sorry, can't hear my phone in the bar, old lady.

Sunday, January 13

Picture Disks

I just spent the last three hours burning all of the pictures I have on this computer to disk.  (Well, all but the last three months or so.  Those six pictures are still at risk.)  I was having panic attacks about losing all of that visual history, and I'm glad its been taken care of now.  I'm relieved.

Or I will be, when I get it through my thick skull that it's all safe.  Now I'm debating taking them off of my computer.  Would that just be stupid?  It'd free up so much space!  But what if I lose these disks?  Or they get scratched?

I don't know.  Part of me always wants to simplify, and I think, "I've already got them somewhere.  Why do I need them everywhere, taking up space?" and then I think, "BUT OMG WHAT IF THEY DISAPPEAR???"  I think I'll probably keep them on here.  Paranoid-brain is a real life-sucker, you know?

Friday, January 11

Generic Airborne Taste-Test

Hey, did you know that when you work with kids, you're exposed to lots of germs? Yeah, it sort of sucks being sick all the time.

I tried Airborne last year to good effect, so when my friend told me they have a generic version at Aldi, I went for it. I figured that since I'm probably going to go through a lot of it, I might as well be experimental and try all three flavors at once: pink grapefruit, orange, and lemon-lime. Well, the verdict is in!

Orange: Ok, but kind of like a really disappointing Kool-Aid/OJ hybrid. Might be good fizzled into an actual glass of orange juice? I don't have orange juice, but maybe I'll get some and try this.

Pink Grapefruit: Actually pretty good. The best of the three. I don't like grapefruit juice, and maybe that helps. If I had something I really liked to compare it to, it might not come off so well.

Lemon-Lime: It tastes like the taste I have in my mouth after vomiting. It's very acidic and sour. I don't recommend this one. I'm going to struggle with the rest of them.

Anyway, just in case you ever need to try it, there you go. Go with the pink grapefruit. You're welcome.

Wednesday, January 2

And He Will Use His Thumbs to Make a Space


Those posts down there need to stop being up here, so I'm posting something new.

I don't have anything inspiring to say, though, because for this chica, 2008 is sucky so far. Hopefully yours is going better.

Latest thing to suck: work hours cut by about 50% and big chance of benefits ending at the end of January.