Saturday, June 30


I haven't talked about Huckleberry in a while, so here are a few fun facts:

He loves to ride in the car. And he can smile.

If I mention "Daddy", he will sit and watch out the window for him.

He came back from my mom and dad's house after a two-day vacation with his customary "I've been at Grandma and Grandpa's" limp (they have stairs, he's too enthusiastic, and yes, I'm a teensy bit peeved they haven't blocked them off yet) with an eating disorder. He's always been the type to drool over his dish until I tell him "OK" and then he inhales it and looks for more, so when he wouldn't touch it last night, I called Mom to see if they'd, I dunno, given him "lunch" or something. If there was some reason he wasn't hungry at "TIME". ("TIME" as in, "Huckleberry, is it TIME? *cue hysterical dancing and celebration from the dog.) He didn't eat all last night, and this morning, out of sheer desperation, I brought the food dish into the kitchen. When I walked in the door, he got all excited (cue hysterical, if limpy, dancing, etc) and barely bothered to chew as usual. Apparently, Mom and Dad have taught him he can eat inside. Damn them!

As far as the Linus goes, there are a few fun updates:

He loves watching my birdfeeders outside the window.

He suddenly discovered the bathroom sink, but will only lay in there if someone's in the bathroom with him.

He spent all last week and part of this one laying under the coffee table with his belly sticking out, panting.

Oh! And have I mentioned he likes to try to mount the dog?

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