Tuesday, April 10

I Want a New Cat

And yet, everyday at about the same time, you can hear me cursing the cat we have. Most likely, I'm saying, "Damn you cat! Insert those claws into yourself in a most sensitive spot!" or, "Why do you love me when I hate you so much?!" but to be honest, I really do love this cat. The only problem is that we fixed him too late and his hormones make him hate me about 1/2 of the month. If I were fixed, maybe I wouldn't hate 1/2 the people I meet as much. But then again, my species uses tools, so I win. My prize is keeping my sexual organs intact. Woo-hoo.

I want a cat who loves to be petted, and not only when he feels he needs it. I want a cat who will show affection without crazy amounts anger afterwards. I want a nice cat.

I bought the new Sims game, "The Sims Life Stories" and I'm finding it amusing. Let me know if you find any tricks or anything. It's bothering me that I can't find a diagonal flower patch that will match my window box. If you hadn't already discovered that I'm getting old, you can think so now with my permission. I'm old and proud! Not only do I want my Sim to have a window box, I want my Sim to have a window box with flowers that fit into the space around it perfectly!

It's very strange to me that I'm the one wishing for another cat and Bruce is the one wanting another puppy, but that's the way things work, I suppose. Huck is undeniably my dog, and Linus favors Bruce. I want a cat of my own and Bruce wants a little dog he can carry around in his purse. It'll be very manly, wait and see.