Thursday, April 5


Stuff that kept me up last night:

- Where's Bruce?

- Do I want to go to my grade school reunion? If I go, do you think anyone will remember that I stole a (cool mechanical) pencil from the most popular girl in second grade? Or that I got caught because I was the worst criminal ever? Why am I suddenly remembering this after 20 years?

- I wonder if the cookie dough in my freezer is ok. How long does cookie dough stay good when frozen? If I take the sugar cookie dough and the chocolate sugar cookie dough and roll them together, I could make spiral cookies.

(after a few hours of sleep)

- Where's Bruce?

Stuff that didn't keep me up last night:

- Man, I'm so sad I quit my job. I feel so guilty.

(PS: Bruce was sleeping on the couch, because that's where he landed when he fell - asleep.)