Friday, May 18

Home Alone

Without the aftershave. That's right, I'm home alone, and will be for the next little while. (Two weeks? Knowing would make it a little easier, that's for sure.)

I'm going to try to stay sane, find things to do, read lots of books, garden and maybe get a new kitten. How's that for keeping busy?

Yesterday Bruce and I had to drive to Green Bay to pick up his Greyhound ticket (yes, he went Greyhound). On the drive back home, I begged him to go to the cheese factory. We came up a little short on it, because I didn't know it was coming up, and we didn't make the turn. I was sad. Bruce said, "You do know I'm coming back, right? I promise I'm coming back."

Of course I cried. How come that guy knows what I'm thinking even when I don't?