Thursday, May 3


My husband is abounding with opportunities today, and it's making me feel pretty good, good for him, for sure. This is definitely the beginning of something spectacular. Spectacularly good, that is. There might be a rental car involved. I'm pretty sure that we might end up dividing our weeks between I and our best friend, Cam. I'm hoping that eases some of the heart-hurt my honey has been feeling since moving. I know it will. I'm happy.

What will I do when he's gone? Perhaps I will Candle-Party - I did surprisingly well with the one I did, I got more than any other candle-party person she's helped. It was pretty damned cool. I got so much freaking stuff. If you ever want any candle party stuff, please, come to me first. It was a huge ego-boost.

Maybe I'll just landscape my yard and cross my fingers that B isn't having a second family on the side, the 1/2 time he's spending in Missouri. I did get a promise out of him, but we all know that sometimes that isn't enough. I love my husband, and I know it's enough, but I feel I need an extra promise, you know? I just want him to be happy. And you know what? Being away 1/2 the time might be good for us, too. After all, we met at away 100% of the time, and were fantastically attracted to each other. We'll probably be ON FIRE when we're seperated. It's how we roll. What am I worried about? Not much, actually. I love Bruce.