Tuesday, October 9

Paranoia RE:Work

Lisa: all right...i'm 1-cl wednesday if you are able to do breakfast and/or a puzzle

Sarah: well, i work at 12 on wednesday, which means i have to leave at 11:15

Lisa: more like 9:15 if you want to be safe

Sarah: so if i go to bed at 10, that means i can lay awake until 12:30 and get up at 9:45 to be safe

Lisa: lol
your schedule sounds eerily like mine

Sarah: and then i can either walk around the house aimlessly terrified that i'll fall asleep somewhere or i can maybe meet you for breakfast and/or a puzzle

Lisa: lol
i always set my alarm after i'm well awake "just in case i fall asleep"
i'll set it for 2:30pm
you know, since i always fall asleep wherever i'm standing in the afternoon

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Lisa said...

Better safe than sorry. That's what I always say. And hey, we made it to work on time, didn't we?