Wednesday, April 23


I have been reading In a Sunburned Country, by Bill Bryson, and I am falling into a serious crush with the author's style. He has, according to the book, spent half of his life in the United States, and half in England. This explains his lovely accent* and also the lovely british terms and phrases he uses.

*I also really enjoy a book on tape read by the author. Gives another dimension to the story telling, especially in a work like this, nonfiction.

I am very happy to discover that he's written many other books. At least two of these are books that I've thought many times should be written. Seeing now that they not only have been, and by someone whose style and wonderful sense of humor I very much enjoy tickles me pink. I'm thrilled.

Someone remind me to buy these books: A Short History of Nearly Everything, and The Mother Tongue. Thanks.

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susan said...

Be careful with A Short History; I had to stop reading that one at bedtime due to scary chapters about supervolcanoes and giant earthquakes. Hard to fall asleep when you're worried about Yellowstone exploding and killing us all!

Seriously though, Bryson's awesome. Sunburned Country is my favorite, but The Lost Continent was also quite enjoyable.