Monday, April 21

she: i have a problem finding guys who are mutually interested with me.
she: actually, you know what? scratch that. i think this is humankind's issue.

he: ha

she: it is so fucking rare to find someone you actually find interesting who actually finds you interesting as well.
she: at least long enough to have more than a couple of conversations with

he: I suppose.
he: kids these days

she: and i am totally vain enough that i cant get into a guy, no matter how hot, if he's just generically into pussy

he: ha

she: and if everything interesting about him is that he's interested in me, that's even worse.

he: makes sense

she: I mean, I am fucking awesome, but I pretty much already know everything there is to know about me.
she: so it can get you a little ways, but after that, you'd better be planning on some damn fine conversation.
she: that's reasonable, i think.

she: sorry, i bet you're still trying to get laid, aren't you?

he: hah
he: no
he: It is reasonable.
he: I haven't even talked to her.
he: You got most of the conversation.

she: is that a really nice way of saying, "You're talking an awful lot"?

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