Monday, May 12

That's My Story

My parents are on vacation this week. I thought this would be an awesome thing, but I'm disappointed so far. I was hoping for a vacation for me, too. It's only Monday, but we're off to a rough start if they were here all day long.

My bike went back to the pawn shop. The rear tire wanted to pop out of the wheel. I made it around the block without trouble, but I wanted to go further than that on it without a pit stop. Eventually. As of now, I'm riding my brother's bike. Actually, I will be publishing this post and then going on a small bike ride.

Today at my last house, some asshole made me cry. My family rents from a farmer who lives across the street and farms the fields around the family's house. While we were out riding bikes and goofing off, Mr. Farmer came across the street and started up the driveway. I'd never met him before, so I greeted him with a cheery, "Hi!" His responce was, "YOU NEED TO STOP PARKING IN THIS FUCKING DRIVEWAY!!!" I can't believe that some people make it to sixty without learning basic social skills. Really, I'd like to have a word with this man's mother. I think I would have probably been fine, but T (the awesome kid of awesomeness that I work with) came up to me very concerned and asked, "Are you sad?" So yeah, I cried. Just a little bit. It was mostly due to shock.

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