Friday, December 8

Hoarding Again

Remember about a week ago? When I wrote that post about being a hoarder?

Remind me to use a bunch of paper towels on Sunday when we make candy, because otherwise I'll be stuck with candy cane paper towels until March sometime. You see, we picked up three rolls of it at Aldi last weekend, and they're all covered in seasonal motifs. Seasonal motifs which will fail to be current in less than a month.

Usually I'm so frugal with paper towels that it takes us well over two months to go through an entire roll.

Hell, I'll just send a roll home with Mom. I'm sure she can use it.

Another thing that happened today: remember that baby hat I knitted a few weeks ago for that girl at work? Well, I did. And then I kept forgetting and kept forgetting to bring it in to give to her, and finally I brought it in while she was there picking up a prescription today, by some miracle. Guess what? The hat is too small. We know because we tried it on the baby right then and there. The baby cried. I begged her to stop trying. The hat is too small. As an added kick in the stomach, she said, "I bet it would have fit last week! She's growing so fast!" [Cue sad face.]

So! Contest!

Here's the rules:

1. First person to have a small(ish) baby girl wins a hand-knitted hat!

Doesn't that sound simple? That's cause it is! So go! Procreate! There's a baby hat in it for you!

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