Wednesday, July 11

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N (Placeholder of DOOOM!)

I'm going camping tomorrow, until at least next week Thursday. (If I have anything to say about it, it'll be later than that before I come back home.) I'm so looking forward to this, my family's been doing it for about twenty years now, and it's been perfected.

We've got all the supplies we need, we're well-established and even recognize some of the other campers from year to year. When we started going, I was seven. Now the older cousins who hadn't even been married back then have kids who are going into high school next year. They're taller than I am. This is amazing.

We camp next to the most beautiful lake I've ever seen, with crystal clear water and practically no vegetation. In water up to your neck, you can gaze down and see the grains of sand on your toes. It's the most perfect place I've been.

This year, it's going to be even better, because my brother is coming with us. I can't wait until tomorrow. If you need me, I'll be holding my breath over here.

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