Tuesday, February 26

Pea in a Pod

I'm sitting here highly irritated at myself for neglecting a specific instruction in my knitting pattern that I have been warned about countless times before.

I did not read ahead. I knit on, through countless repeats of the lace panel on this sweater (at least two, probably closer to three) and then read the fateful words, "At the same time..." Which means that I had to rip back what felt like half of the painstaking knitting I've been doing and figure out where I am in the lace chart, then figure out which repeat I'm on, then figure out all of the rest of it and AAaaarrrgghhh!!! WHY IS NOTHING SIMPLE?

I like simple.

PS: It's the Peapod Baby set from Interweave a few years ago. The pattern is free on their website, and I've been yearning for a baby to knit it for for a couple of years. Lo and behold, I have a nephew now.

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