Saturday, February 16

Three Cheers for Linus

As you can see from the lovely orange countertop and the summertime outside, that's Linus in the old house. Back before he was fixed, he was quite the manly cat, very handsome. Sadly, it all congealed when he lost his balls and started caring way more about food than about sex. Usually. He and Stinky both ate free-form style at the old house, whenever and as much as they wanted. It got a little out of hand, as you can see from the picture above.

Linus has been on a diet since we moved back home. Actually, they have both been on a diet, but Stinky looks about as chubby as he did when he moved in. Maybe that's why Linus's diet is going so well, they do eat out of the same dish, after all.

Anyway, I think he's doing great! Check out the slender figure below:

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susan said...

When Loki had his first urinary blockage attack a few years ago, he lost his appetite for about a month and wasn't eating much at all. So Leo stole his uneaten food. And turned into a basketball-shaped cat. It was really rather comical. Thankfully, he has since slimmed down like Linus. Much more dignified.