Monday, February 18

Day in the Life of: Me

S:ok, so last night i realized i'd have to get up early and do stuff to get out of the driveway, right?
scrape my car off (10 inches is a lot, yo) etc
so i set my alarm for 6:30, 1/2 hour early
you with me so far?

L: on the edge of my seat

S: ok, so I sleep, etc
mom comes up the steps to wake me up, warn me that im going to have to get up early, to "prepare me"
i ask her what time it is, she says 20 after six.
so i automatically wake up pissed that i missed 10 minutes of perfectly good sleep for her to tell me something i already knew

L: i hate that

S: i really really hate it
so i get up, shovel my car off (yeah, i know i shouldn't, but it worked really well)
take a shower, start the car, let it run for 20 minutes like a granny
and i go to work.
i have to baja out of the driveway, but i make it to the street
I go to first house, all is well.
i go to second house
i pass the county line sign on 55 heading to Seymour and all of a sudden the ice and shit gets really loud and i think "uh oh"
so i pull over.
sure enough, my tire blew

L: no way

S: way
so i pull out my phone to call the house i'm going to and let him know i'll be late
guess what?

L: ?

S: my phone won't dial out, because i'm in the "Extended" area
so i sit there for a few minutes freaking out
and text message my brother
no responce.

L: good thinking though

S: so i get out of the car and look in the trunk, sure enough the spare is in there. Man, can i change a tire? I know the basics but ive never done it and it seems hard
lots of steps and nobody needs an improperly changed tire falling off on the highway
so i decide i have no choice and get to it
i actually figure out how to do it
and like 30 cars pass me as i'm sitting there with my hazzards on and wrenching lugnuts off etc and NOBODY STOPS
What is WRONG with people?
do I look like an old changin-tire fool?
apparently i'm such a natural that nobody thinks i could need assistance.
finally this lady stops and asks if i need to use her phone
and i'm like YES
and i call the house i'm on the way to and he asks if i need help and at this point i don't really, but i'm still afraid i'm not going to do it right so i say OK
and then it takes him forever so i've got the tire off and in the trunk and the spare on and i'm eventually just waiting for him when i get a call from Robby
he's called home for me and Dad's on his way, so i tell him to call back and tell him i don't need him I did it all by myself and he does
and Dad is apparently so proud he could bust and i'm pretty happy with that, you know

L: yeah

S: but what is wrong with people?

L: that's what i'm wondering
they'll stop for any other reason to whistle at you and ask if you need a ride when you're just trying to get some excercise

S: anyway, i changed a tire all by myself in the freezing cold and with no instructions!
yay me!

L: good for you

S: so then i get to the guys house and he leaves right away and then comes back like an hour later with a tire for me, haha, and puts it on for me

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