Tuesday, July 19

Goodness, I Have No Life

I bought Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince yesterday around 11am, on my break at work. I refused to start it then, knowing I'd happily leave my job for the chance to continue reading.

I waited until I got home, at about 1:30 to start reading. And I did have a break around 7:30, when Bruce and I decided to stop letting our collective stomach acid knaw away the lining(s) of our stomach(s) and leave for nourishment. So take that hour out of the equation.

But at 2:30 when I went to bed, I had finished the book. I think 650 pages is pretty good for 12 hours. Last night when I should have been sleeping, I lay awake trying to turn it into a words/minute number that would leave me feeling smug - but the closest I could get was 50 pages/hour. Happily, I have no one else to compare myself to, because only I use retarded measurements like that. So I automatically win! Ha!

I'm a little disappointed with myself, actually. I'd wanted this book to really occupy my time for a while. But seriously, once I started, I couldn't not read it through.. it was that good.


SJ said...

Yes, it was that good. I love these fucking books. I can't stand all the people who say, "Oh, I don't like Harry Potter." They are just fools. FOOLS, I say!

sunny said...

I can't help feeling a little sorry for them, and then getting a little pissed, too. I mean, really. Do you really think you're superior because you have no imagination? Gah.

Abbs said...

I just want to stick up for the few of us who don't like Harry Potter and don't feel that they are superior. I wish I could get into the books. I would love to be a part of all the hype. I've just never been able to get into books like that.

And I do have a lot of imagination. Sometimes too much!


sunny said...

Aw, hon. I know you've got imagination.. up the wazoo! Sorry 'bout that!

LostNotFound1980 said...

It was so good. I hate that I finished it in one day too! Now I have years to wait until the next book comes out!!!