Sunday, July 10

Things What Are Making Me Drool Today:

Did you know there were entire stores devoted to conveniently and attractively organizing your life? Did you know that they were only a click away?

Did you know you were reading an online commercial just then?

Did you know that one of these could make me swoon? I didn't, not until a few minutes ago.

What about this? Doesn't that look nice?

And just for fun, who do you think would win this Celebrity Deathmatch? Just for giggles?

Do you think I'm dreaming of having a home, and all the things that go with it (wanting family/homebody/etc.), dreaming of needing to organize all my crap (completely selfish and material), or wanting to be perfect lady/woman/wife (in manner of Martha Stewart or something gross like that)?

Here's my version of Robo's geek assignment. Come on, you know you wanna****(!). The catch is, after you play, you have to describe your space to us (or send a picture! Yeah!). Go forth and play.

****(!): Ok, so don't actually do it. I did, and now after giving them my information and stuff, I'm afraid they'll totally hunt me down for screwing with them and making them give me a consultation or whatever. So don't actually do it. (You can still describe your closet or whatever, if you want.) Alright then, have a nice day!

1 comment:

Brown said...

It sorta sucks I'm playing catch-up, working my way backwards through your posts that I haven't read because I've been in moving-land. So, bear with me. I'll read more tomorrow. But for now, I've gotta tell you, all that home-organization shit, I WANT IT ALL. And, when I show Mr Brown that closet organization set- up, he's gonna FLIP because he's been talking about how bad he wants some of that action since last Tuesday (moving day). Ruvs you...oh, and you're such my favourite blogger right now. Dooce be damned ;)