Friday, July 29

Potentially Cool

Now, I haven't actually checked this out yet, so if it sucks, it can't possibly be my fault.. but I think that I have a pretty cool site for you guys to check out: Bad Designs. From what I understand, it's a site devoted to, ahem, bad designs. I looked at it, and they make some good points. Interesting, for quazi-geeks like myself. Unfortunately, it also seems a little boring.

Oh, and here's a great snippet from Bad News Hughs, who is really very funny and I might love him a little bit:

"Unlike other vegetarians I knew whose 'systems' had become too sensitive and pure to digest that poisonous interloper of succulence, meat, accidentally eating animal parts never made me feel sick. I'm not saying I didn't play it up a bit, because what's the fun of being a vegetarian if you don't do that?...You ever wonder why vegetarians only get sick that way when they know they accidentally ate meat? Well, don't, at least not out loud in front of one, because you'll be in for a bracing lecture."
[I had to edit all the quotation marks and apostrophies in that damned paragraph, because somebody has fancy quotation marks and apostrophies. You'd better appreciate that.]

You should all go there, as well, because there's more good stuff where that came from. Or at least I assume there must be, because unless you're me or something, humor like that usually isn't a fluke.

Don't you hate it when you 'save' a blog for 'last', because they've earned the righteous first place in your 'list' of blogs you really enjoy, for not only posting really funny, sometimes touching, so-honest-it-hurts things on an almost religious daily basis, and when you get to the end of your night and you've built up enough anticipation by reading others' blogs, and you know that this favorite blogger will have written something spectacular, because everyone else did, and you're just dying to click on that link and finally you do, and... they haven't posted anything since yesterday? Damn you, Dooce. No, just kidding. Just post sometime soon, ok? I love you.

Oh, and I wrote an email to a really great blog-person, SJ, and she emailed me back within, like, seconds. The only reason I know that is because my husband is on the couch, having fallen asleep with Cartoon Network on at Full Volume, and normally he keeps me from doing things like checking my email compulsively. He also makes a mean chicken thigh. Anywho, just wanted to give mad love to her 'cause she's so sweet.

Thanks for listening, Internet. You make my head hurt less with things I want to talk about but can't, because I don't talk to myself (about things I already know about) and my husband is snoring in the living room and even if I prod him and make him come into the bedroom, he's not going to be in the mood for talking. And after 15 minutes of prodding, I won't be chit-chatty, neither.

Goodnight, Internet.

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LostNotFound1980 said...

To answer your question... Sure you can meet me if you are going to be in STL. I think that would be really cool on a stick!! Especially since ya'll are moving to cooler northern places.