Saturday, March 31

White is White!

Last weekend I went through a terrible trauma. After reaquainting myself with my village in Animal Crossing, my GameCube broke. Something is wrong with the lens, and cleaning it only did it good for a few minutes, and then it stopped working again. I was pissed. After all, I was starting to remember all the things I love about Nintendo - their games are the top of my list. Zelda, Mario, Animal Crossing, I love them all! And of course, the console broke on my first day of vacation.

Bruce decided that my meltdown was unpleasant and asked if there were any computer games he could download for me. I picked one out, and it took all weekend of downloading for it to come through. When it finally did (we were back from Milwaukee for two days, and I was officially back to work when it was finished, the bastard), my video card wasn't good enough for it to run on my computer. I gave up and bought an older version of the game, one I'd played on this computer before. It worked just fine all week, but I'm not going to be entertained by Zoo Tycoon for too long.

Today, Bruce convinced me that I should get the new Sims game, The Sims Life Stories. When I installed it and tried to start it up, it informed me that my video card wasn't capable of supporting it. Gaaaaahhhh! I feel like such an old lady saying this, but my card is perfectly good! It works fine! There's nothing wrong with it, and when did this video card thing change, anyway? It didn't even mention anything about the video card requirements on the package! When did this miraculous across-the-board upgrade happen, when did it become the standard? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?!

Long story short, I now have a new video card, and my computer is no longer using the 800x600 resolution, and most importantly of all... drumroll please... white is no longer pink! Life is good.

I cleaned out the fridge today - everything but the freezer, now that I think about it. It looks so shiny and nice, just like the day we got it. I rearranged a few of the shelves too, so everything fits where I want it to now. Like my perpetual box of wine is on the top shelf now, so that I don't have to drag it back and forth across the bottom every time I want a pour. And I got rid of that chunk of melded-on cardboard that has been on the glass shelf since before we moved - it was removable, who knew?

Tomorrow, I'm making a stratta. A sweet stratta. Here's the recipe and I'll let you know how it goes. Tomorrow is also the day of the first baby shower I'm attending for one of my friends. It starts.