Thursday, August 2

Happy Birthday to Me!

I stopped by the local grocers to pick up some beer tonight. As usual, the girl asked for my identification, and I gave it to her. (It will be quite a shock for me when I stop looking under 21.) She apologized, and I waved it off, it's nothing. I used to work at a gas station, and I know how intimidating it can be at times to ask for identification. I don't mind showing my ID. It's a fact of life.

This time was a little different. She took one look at my birthdate, looked a second time and said, "Oh! Well, I must have just made your day!"

(I'm pausing, to let that sink in a little.)

I think that falls under the category of things that I Can Say to You, but You Cannot Say to Me.

Anyway, here's to being twenty-seven! In four days!

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Jess said...

We should not talk about turning 27. If we do not talk about it, it does not happen.