Thursday, August 4

Hey, Guess What?

This Saturday is my birthday.

Pretty much that's all I wanted to say.


B said...


we will be in one of three places

1. Camping.
2. Branson.
3. St. Louis.

Either way, it will be an exciting weekend. :)

LostNotFound1980 said...

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Sunny!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!

SJ said...

How was your birthday? (It is now Monday, btw)

sunny said...

the birthday itself was great. the day after, well, that was the freaking killer. i'll tell you all more about it as soon as it stops being torture to move my left hand, ok?

sorry for the lack of updates, but you know. a sprained wrist puts a damper on the whole 'keyboard' thing. blah.

Anonymous said...

suck it up princess :P we want details :)

Jess said...

Happy (belated because I totally suck and my life is my work right now) Birthday, lovely Sunny.