Wednesday, September 27

As Usual, In No Particular Order:

  • I'm thinking about knitting a hooded sweater. I don't know where to find a simple hooded sweater like the one in my head, so I'm half-expecting that my first sweater ever (did I mention it's my first sweater ever?) might be of the sort I make up in my head. I'm not sure if this makes me really creative, or really stupid. Probably both.

  • Huckleberry had his first nail-clipping today. Ok, I know he's really old for the first time. Your visions of him as some sort of Freddy Krueger-esque monster are more accurate than you know. We didn't have a nail-clippers, and although we tried using the dremmel on him, he didn't like the noise or the way we had to hold him, and I ended up with lungs full of dog-nail-dust. It wasn't pleasant. I have to say that he took the trimming VERY well. He didn't like standing still, but the clipping didn't bother him in the slightest.

  • I'm getting behind on my actual "blogging". My brain hasn't been working in a storytelling manner lately. I suspect it'll come back soon.

  • This weekend is Oktoberfest in Appleton. We really want to go - Bruce has been reading about it for weeks. I'm excited to check out the yarn shops in the area. And beer. I hear there might be beer.


susan said...

I went to Appleton once, for a wedding. I didn't see much of it, but it seemed nice. :) Good luck with the sweater.

Nina said...

I have to take my little Juliet in to get her nails clipped. She loves it, she doesnt even need a harness. All we have to say is PetCo and she is at the door. She also knows that we pick up some more doggy cookies when we go, so I guess its her chubbyness that gets her going.

The next time you visit for a weekend here in St. Louis you have to let me know. We are the beer testers of St. Louis. At our poker game we try all kinds of beers. We have over 300 that we have tested now. You guys need to come and try some.

robbodobbo said...

oh... dog nail dust - wait, that's not anthrax is it?

Robert said...

I still need to get the Odessa from you. With your escape to the north, it made it a little difficult to see you in time. :)

Am I able to mail boxed wine?

Robert said...

Holy shit - the "Robert" is really Jessica - as in I don't remember to log him off until it's too late.