Saturday, September 16

Boring Assesment of Network TV (RE: Scheduling)

Mondays- Prison Break at 7 (Fox). Bruce likes it, I won't let myself watch, just in case I like it. I have strange ideas about what is acceptable for me to watch. Also, I have a feeling I hate it, and I'd rather be able to say, "Oh, I've never seen it," instead of truthfully saying, "Oh, gak, I hate that show." I guess it's How I Met Your Mother at 7:30 (CBS)

At 8, there's *Heros* (NBC).  More a Bruce show than a Sunny show, but we'll see.  

At 9, it's all about the new Aaron Sorkin show (which is what I've been calling it since I heard about it, but it's real name happens to be), Studio 60. Mondays are full!

Tuesdays- Gilmore Girls at 7 (the CW). After this summer (we borrowed all the seasons from a coworker of mine), how could we miss it? I just hope they get back to the basics and stop being so... well, rich. Rich people annoy me. I shouldn't say that, it sounds richist. I don't like hoity-toity people. There, that's better.  It may have already happened, they might already be more down-to-earth.  We haven't seen the sixth season yet.

House at 8 (Fox). We love House. How can you not?

Wednesdays- America's Next Top Model at 7 (UPN). I'm willing, Bruce will probably play Yahoo! Pool for that hour. The only thing potentially holding me back is Bruce's insane desire to watch Bones. Seriously, he's no Angel. Period. The nice thing is, this year we have more than one TV. We're going to leave the first slot of the night kind of open. After all, both of the sitcom-ish shows on NBC (30 Rock - Tina Fey show, and 20 Good Years - John Lithgow and George Sr.) seem like they'll be good, and maybe Bones has gotten better, and I have a car crash thing going on with ANTM, so who knows where we'll end up?

At 8, it's Veronica Mars, which apparently Joss Whedon is a huge fan of. Anything getting his seal of approval will probably get mine too.

Thursdays- Smallville at 7 (the CW). Bruce is obsessed. I've promised to never tell anyone he's a comic book guy, but luckily very few people read this. Hi mom! Survivor isn't even going to be a part of my decision this year, because well, seriously? They're dividing people into groups based on RACE? Haven't we as a country gotten beyond that?  Since like, sometime last century? Rosa Parks dies, and all of a sudden segregation is hip again? I'm going to sneak into the basement for (NBC) My Name is Earl at 7, followed by The Office at 7:30. It's great timing, really, because Bruce doesn't like The Office.

At 8 we're stuck with deciding between CSI (CBS) and Grey's Anatomy (ABC). I like CSI, but I don't LOVE the characters. I've heard amazing things about Grey's Anatomy, but haven't actually seen the show yet. I've got a feeling it'll be one of those shows I don't want to admit to watching, if I get into it. We'll see. Bruce is interested in Supernatural (the CW), so that's what we're probably watching.

Oh, and at 9 I want to check out Six Degrees (ABC). I like the premise, we'll see how far it takes the show.

Fridays- Apparently, 7 on Fridays will be a toss-up between America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC) (gag me) and WWE Friday Night Smackdown (the CW). As good an excuse as any to go out and get effing plastered at the bar, I say. Especially considering that...

At eight, we'll be watching Trading Spouses (FOX). Oh, the drama. Oh, no thanks.

Saturdays- Nothing. Nada. Zip. Not even anything warranting mentioning for comedic effect. It's that dull on Saturdays.

Sundays- at 8 it will definitely be The Amazing Race (CBS).


susan said...

Wow. I think our TV viewing schedules only align on 1, maybe 2 days (Gilmore Girls, though they are getting new writer/producers this year, so I am a little worried, and possibly CSI, depending on whether or not they switched arount My Name is Earl). It's neat to see what other people are watching. Me, I caught one episode of Grey's Anatomy last season and have sworn it off forever, but I know there are lots of people out there who totally dig it. (Same thing with Lost.) I think Tom & I do more sitcom viewing than you & B do (How I Met Your Mother is great, Two and a Half Men is amusing, and I'm looking forward to 30 Rock). There's a new one by Aaron Sorkin airing on Monday nights (at 10! but I will probably still watch) that I'm hoping I will enjoy as much as TWW.

Okay, I will stop now. Happy Fall TV Season! :)

( word verification word is zlull, which is fitting since we are just about to exit "zee lull between zee season finales and zee season premieres.")

Sunny said...

You know, Susan, you totally mentioned some shows that I had forgotten about. And Bruce got a look at my list and wanted some input, so I had to redo some of it. It's changed a little since last night.

Jess said...

I'm glad someone out there will be watcing TV for me. :) But a word of warning about Supernatural. R and I watched it last season, and, while it started out well with enough kicky psuedo-X-Files meets teen comedy for me, it wound up being sort of lame. By the end of the season, R and I were both ambivilant as to whether or not it was worth the hour of our lives. It might improve this season, but if they keep on with the whole "follow your father" and "greater evil out there" theme, it gets tired real quick.

I am looking forward to Heros and Studio 60. Let's hope I have time to watch them - I need TiVo.

Bruce said...

Being the Comic Book Geek I am, I'm excited about Smallville, and Heroes - I think that one will be pretty good.

I agree with Susan about How I met Your Mother - I really liked that one this week - I think I could watch it on a regular basis.

Studio 60 was great - I'm hooked.