Sunday, September 24

Whose Space?

Well, I don't know about the rest of you people, and probably you've hit this point well before I had a chance to, but there are a whole shitload of people on MySpace. I know you guys are smart - it probably hit you waaaaayyy before it hit me. Which was about two days ago. In case you haven't realized yet, THERE ARE A SHITLOAD OF PEOPLE ON MYSPACE!

Yeah, I know, I know. Therein lies the beauty of the site! Therein lies the charm!

Well I say, therein lies the uncomfortableness! Therein lies the awkward silences! Therein lies the OH-DEAR-GOD-I-WAS-SUCH-AN-ASSHOLE-TO-THEM*ness! Therein lies the I-was-sort-of-hoping-not-to-run-into-them-ever-againness, and the Wow-I-can't-stand-them-and-am-yet-compelled-to-look**ness.

Anybody else getting not only the good vibes, but the really really creepy ones? Oh, just me? Well then, carry on.

*I can't think of a single person who reads this who might possibly be an asshole to anybody, so that one's probably just my own. It involved a very shady few months in my history.

**Mostly in the form of former friends whom you no longer speak to. For good reason.


susan said...

Yeah, I can definitely identify with the can't-stand-them-yet-compelled-to-look-ness. It's kind of neat though, to come across people you thought you'd never ever see or hear from again, and not because you didn't want to.

Jess said...

I understand where you're coming from. Most of my awkwardness has come from people hitting on me via MySpace who are either a) totally never going to be my type, b) really old, c) really young or d) fairly unattractive in their photos boardering on creepy and stalkerlike. I find that the beauty of MySpace is that once you add a person as your friend, you're under no obligation to ever communicate with them again. :)

I've found a ton of people on there - and a TON of people have tracked me down. So far, it's been a rather pleasant exeperience. I'm waiting for the day, though, when some from my long ago and far away past (not high school/college) finds me, and I become petrified to leave the house....

robbodobbo said...

i know you never planned on running into me again, but it's bound to happen, okay? i don't care if it's at grandma's or online, we're going to have to see each other every now and then. :)

Sunny said...

susan: Oh, totally. PS: sunnyfreakingday. Look me up.

Jess: Oh god, I (thank god) haven't had any hitting-on-me people.

robbo: Damn, I thought I'd gotten away.