Wednesday, September 6

This Week: Redneck Week

Monday, Lisa and I went to the demolition derby at the Shawano County Fair. That's how much of a redneck I am this week. I also loved it. I had a lot to learn, this being my first demo. For example, when the cars are ready to go, they start out by backing up into the other cars. Kind of scary, if you ask me.


And then, of course, they all smoosh each other to pieces, and there's schrapnel everywhere, and somehow it's all very loud and cool and people turn into heros. My favorite moment was in one of the eight heats when one guy was getting bullied out of the ring by two other cars, and he totally fought back and pushed them both back into the ring. He overpowered two cars. It was pretty spectacular. I was going to climb down the stands and offer to be his woman and have his babies. Then I remembered that a) I'm married and Bruce is pretty cool too, and b) I'm probably not redneck enough for him, considering this is my first demolition derby.

To prove that Lisa and I were there, I have a picture of us in the stands.


Jess said...

And you're sporting some dark hair, huh? I like.

The redneckness was good, too.

sunny said...

Oh, only at the very tops. It's a sad sad state of affairs. I need to rebeautify seriously soon.