Saturday, October 28

Hey Mr. Postman

Does anyone else think it'd be kind of cool to be a mailman? (Is mailperson more proper?) It seems like it would be fun.

Our mailman is very nice. We used to have this jerk of a mailman who would taunt my parents' dog, Augie. He knew that Augie didn't like having people come to the door, and he would start whistling for him two houses down, just to see Augie freak out when he got to the door. It was sort of a game to him, I guess. Of course it meant that Augie never got comfortable with the new mailman after the old one switched routes. He never got used to anyone coming to the door.

A few weeks ago, the mailman had a certified letter for Bruce. We assumed our pizza-man positions - I holding the dog a few feet from the door, Bruce taking care of business at the door - and when the mailman saw Huck, he smiled, "Looks like that one's going to like me a little better than the last one."

I'm glad that someone besides us remembers Augie.

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Nina said...

I wouldnt want to be a mailperson myself, but I do see the joy in having a good one. The last woman we had was wonderful. She would always get our mail to us by noon and she was the funnest person to talk to. We would even leave her cookies or free coupons for stuff because we loved her so much.

Now we have this stupid wench that cant get our mail to us before 5. I love seeing her pull into the driveway at about 6 and yelling out the door, "It's about damn time!" She said that we were the last on the route and that she had to sort it before she would start the route, but if the other could do it, so can she. I think she just likes getting up about 10ish, sorting slowly til around 2 or 3, and then delivering it.

She better start getting here sooner or I will show her the meaning of postal.