Tuesday, October 3

Road trips

Last Friday, we drove 25 miles to the city that our cable and high-speed Internet comes from, to deliver a payment to their main office. The town in 4,000 people, and I have no idea why a giant cable company would choose a tiny town to base out of.

Today, we're driving 30 miles to make a deposit at our bank. Our bank which hates us. Our bank which we're starting to hate back. Of the 9,000 banks in this town (one per person, you know), most of them are banks that only have three small branches in the upper half of this upper state, and no one else in the world has ever heard of them. 4,499 of them are banks which are slightly bigger, and have approximately twenty branches in northeastern Wisconsin, and ten in the southern part of the state. There's even one in Illinois! In Rockford! That's across the border! And, if you're following my math, that leaves one bank left. It's Bank of America. We don't use Bank of America.

So we're taking another road trip.


Jess said...

I use Bank of America, and I love them. Online banking which means I don't have to make road trips; no fee as long as I get one ACH Direct Deposit into my account per month; easy to transfer money between accounts. It's fabulous. I love them.

I used to use Commerce. And they are the devil.

B said...

we do the whole direct deposit thing with one of our checks, but sometimes my checks come in from clients(who[sadly] aren't equipped to do much of anything digitally), and we need sweet cash added to the far away bank account, so we drive. And drive. And drive. But I won't leave that bank. I love it. Even when I hate it.

susan said...

Bank of America sucks donkey balls. Sorry, but them's the facts. I used to bank with Wells Fargo, but I switched over to US Bank when Tom & I merged our accounts. They are officially teh awesome. I've got much love for the US Bank.

robert said...

on second thought... we would kill each other in an RV. but i would visit. i love you.