Thursday, October 5

I've Been Better

My mind is working badly lately, keeping me from sleeping when I should be, reminding me to be really worried about stuff - without actually telling me what I should be worried about, generally being a big ol' pain in the ass.

I've been thinking about things to make myself feel better. While I appreciate all long-term suggestions (eating better, losing weight, etc.) and know they would be good for me, I'm in a funk right now, and need something to pull me out of it quicker than those things. I'm talking instant feel-betterers.

So far, I have a pretty short list:

  • buy a bra that fits

  • buy new underwear and don't walk around in the stuff I bought in high school

  • buy new socks, so I have enough and don't have to grunge it some days (or any days, for that matter

That's about it. I'm only good for undergarment-centric ideas right now. Anyone have anything else that is bound to cheer me up? I'm open to ideas. Preferably quick-fixes.


Robert said...

Getting a hair cut. For some reason I always feel better about myself after one. That and showing a little scruff on my face -- but B might not like you doing that...

Bruce said...

Yeah, I'd say I'm very anti-scruffy girl faces. :)

I bet going to appleton or getting out of the house and doing something fun would help. Maybe the beer and a movie place or who knows, maybe somewhere totally different.

susan said...

I usually find myself something to plan when I'm feeling down. Even if it's something dumb like a grocery list, or a chore list, or a stuff-to-do-this-weekend list, or a ways-to-torture-Leo list. ;)

Ditto robert's haircut remark though. I know I've been feeling quite fabulous since I got my locks shorn last weekend.

Jess said...

Paint my toes. It makes me feel good, and I like that the fumes make me just a little bit high. :o)

robert said...

can you get socks expedited? i don't like riding the bus to walmart. and i hate walmart socks. i hate a lot of things.