Monday, January 22

I Don't Know How I Ever Became Married, if This is How I Am

I've got this problem where, if someone is telling me a story and I think something funny in my head, it will come out of my mouth. At times I can contain it, like when I'm at work. It takes a lot of effort, so usually the people I'm pretty comfortable with get to bear the brunt of it. Like, for instance, Bruce said before we got married that he definitely doesn't ever want to be divorced, so I'm pretty safe annoying him, and he gets to be annoyed by me all the time. There was an excellent example tonight:

Bruce: So, I was reading this thing on Google about how, you know how there's the speed of light and the speed of sound, right? Well, scientists just found there's a sp-

Me: A SPEED OF TASTE!!! [cackles hysterically]

Bruce: [not amused]No.


Actually, if you're interested, apparently there's a new speed of sound, one that's even faster than the speed of light. Speed of sound, v. 1.2. "Now faster than ever before!"


Rory Kearn said...

OMG! You crack me up. With all the cooking/baking you've been doing lately, I best there is a speed of taste.

Mindis said...

I am the same way girl! I'm always afraid I'll forget my wonderfully funny tidbit by the time they get done talking!