Tuesday, January 16

Things that Vexed Me Lately:

- When people put up a recipe for homemade bread online, say at cooks.com or at allrecipes.com and the instructions read, "Put ingredients into breadmaker in order suggested by your manufacturer," and continue on to read, "Select the settings for wheat bread, dark crust." I realize that breadmaker bread is homemade, but shouldn't the instructions then be under the heading "breadmaker bread"? I don't have a freaking breadmaker, and my hands didn't come with a manufacturer's suggestion for adding ingredients. Unfortunately.

- I can't finish my knitting projects. I have six million (more like five, actually) dishcloths waiting for the ends to be woven in. I have one broadripple sock that has existed for more than one year. I have one brand spanking new embossed leaves sock that I can't wait to knit the pair to, but I'm having the damnedest time kitchenering the toe. That would have to mean I'd have to look something up. How lazy is that?

- The flatbread I made on Sunday was a little blah.

- Aldi didn't have any sour cream.

- I can't stay out any later than Bruce does, and Bruce lately decides he wants to go home right when I'm at the point where I want to stay out and be drinking forever. (When we do go out, which is twice a month or slightly less.) It's not that I can't stay out if I want to, it's that I end up being sad because Bruce isn't there to talk to and oh my god why can't I be one of those cool womyn who don't give a shit? but Bruce is my favorite person and I miss him when he's gone and then I turn into that girl who's drinking and on the verge of tears. It ain't pretty.

- The Linus knocked over a bottle of water on my desk last week, and it was all my fault for leaving the bottle untopped, and I hate that it's all my fault because the water shorted out my keyboard and now I'm using B's old one, which is nice but just not... you know... matchy.

- I can never keep up with my own mess. I clean the hell out of everything, but then I turn around and am making bread which takes a long time doesn't really leave me in the mood for cleaning, what with all that kneading and stuff.

- My coworker had surgery last week and I've been working a lot. Not as much as last week, when I'd been scheduled for several ten hour days, which let's just say I got up the balls to put the kibosh to, but a lot. For me, anyway. I'm hoping to make tons of money and pay off our taxes right away this year. You know, after paying off the ones from last year. (cough)

- We've got other things to pay for too.

- The fact that I'm a whiney cow for writing down everything that's making me unhappy, when really I'm very damn happy and have no right to be making a pissed list. Ha! That rhymed. See?

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