Thursday, January 11

Too Long

I'm waiting too long in between posts.

I worked far too long today. An eight-and-a-half hour day is still OK, but ten is just one and one-half too many hours for this chick.

I'm on my fifth dishcloth since Christmas. They were a hit this year, and so my master plan is to have all the dishcloths I'll need for next year before the end of January. That way, I can knit completely selfishly for the rest of the year, and when I get to December 15 panic mode, I'll accidentally come across these dishcloths and remember my grand scheme, and be my own salvation. Hurrah!

That's not all I've been knitting, though. I've also gotten further on my Hourglass sweater (remember that one? Probably not, it's been so long!) and have an almost-completed Embossed Leaves sock on the needles. That's the quickest sock I've ever knit, and I think it's because of the chart. 16 row repeat charts for socks are the secret to me finishing them in a reasonable amount of time.

My joints have been aching, and I've been feeling very lethargic. I'm hoping it's because I'm fighting off a cold, because I'm really hoping it's not the sign of another flare-up, because that would be the worst timing EVER.

My coworker had surgery this week, which means she'll be out of commission for at least a month. Hurray for hours, boo for being sick while working them.

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susan said...

Hope you feel better soon! I would not want to work ten hour days while sickly.