Tuesday, February 13

New to Tonight:

The guy across the street from us is actually pretty cool.

Actually, he's probably too cool for me to hang out with, if I were abiding by natural selection and the order enforced by my high school prom committee. You know the type. After knowing my type (very uncool, and also slightly worried too much), and his type (moderate cool, involved in sports/leisure activities), it's astonishing to think that we might end up friends.

Did I tell you we're moving to Seattle next winter?



Miss Wired said...

Wow! Seattle!

Look out for two Aussies - Doug and Claudia, who are living there too.

Because, you know, the US is such a small place and all. ;)

Cap said...

I wonder who else is going to Seattle? I see a Cap and the fellaz in your alls future!