Thursday, February 1

Where to Start?

Oh, I know! How about with the "secret" that I failed to post in my last attempt? I think it involved homemade pizza sauce, and the addition of paprika. Our second pizza (the one with paprika in the sauce) was better than the first, at any rate, but it might have been the cheese. That fancy mooot-zerella might be cool and authentic, but my tastes in cheese run more along the lines of a Wisconsin Cheddar. So that's what I added.

I put three coats of lotion on my face today. The winter has been dry indeed.

I had an interesting conversation with Hannah last weekend. Here is her part of the conversation:

Wow! You have big boobies! Those are for feeding babies.

You should have some babies.

Maybe you're too young to have babies.

Can you have babies?

Are you still having... [voice drops to stage whisper] The Blood?

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