Sunday, February 18

Sundays are for Cleaning -

and Oh, How I Wish the end of that sentace wasn't "Up dog turds." But it was, and it got done (you're welcome, neighbors!) and our driveway is negotiable again. Without stepping on any turd-stones.

I'm slow-cooking some pork shoulder right now, and I'm looking forward to eating it. (It's a simple recipe I halfway found and halfway made up. Basically, you put pork shoulder and some broth - I used beef - in the crock pot with some chopped onion and a clove of garlic all day long, and then you add a bottle of BBQ sauce - or make your own, which I'm not doing today - and then shred the pork and put the pork and the BBQ sauce and the broth in a shallow pan in the oven and bake at 350* or so for 1/2 hour uncovered, so the sauce sticks well to the pork. I'll let you know what I think, but I'm prematurely calling it fantastic.) The hard rolls they sell at Pick'n Save are the best, so that's what we'll be eating pulled pork from this evening. I bet you're jealous, aren't you? I would be.

I'm pretty excited, because this week I got the crock pot, and it's something I've been wanting for over a year. There are just so many things that I feel like I could make now. I'm definitely more confident about making meat in a slow-cooker, because of how well meat responds to low and slow cooking. I hope I'm not making that up, and that it's an actual fact.

Well, those of you who know me well will be shocked, but I'm going to go take a bath now. I like taking baths now. I hope your week is fantastic!

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SJ said...

Did I ever tell you about the wonderful Christmas card I got... from Sunny? I hope I did. It was lovely and much needed. Thank you again.