Friday, January 11

Generic Airborne Taste-Test

Hey, did you know that when you work with kids, you're exposed to lots of germs? Yeah, it sort of sucks being sick all the time.

I tried Airborne last year to good effect, so when my friend told me they have a generic version at Aldi, I went for it. I figured that since I'm probably going to go through a lot of it, I might as well be experimental and try all three flavors at once: pink grapefruit, orange, and lemon-lime. Well, the verdict is in!

Orange: Ok, but kind of like a really disappointing Kool-Aid/OJ hybrid. Might be good fizzled into an actual glass of orange juice? I don't have orange juice, but maybe I'll get some and try this.

Pink Grapefruit: Actually pretty good. The best of the three. I don't like grapefruit juice, and maybe that helps. If I had something I really liked to compare it to, it might not come off so well.

Lemon-Lime: It tastes like the taste I have in my mouth after vomiting. It's very acidic and sour. I don't recommend this one. I'm going to struggle with the rest of them.

Anyway, just in case you ever need to try it, there you go. Go with the pink grapefruit. You're welcome.

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