Sunday, January 13

Picture Disks

I just spent the last three hours burning all of the pictures I have on this computer to disk.  (Well, all but the last three months or so.  Those six pictures are still at risk.)  I was having panic attacks about losing all of that visual history, and I'm glad its been taken care of now.  I'm relieved.

Or I will be, when I get it through my thick skull that it's all safe.  Now I'm debating taking them off of my computer.  Would that just be stupid?  It'd free up so much space!  But what if I lose these disks?  Or they get scratched?

I don't know.  Part of me always wants to simplify, and I think, "I've already got them somewhere.  Why do I need them everywhere, taking up space?" and then I think, "BUT OMG WHAT IF THEY DISAPPEAR???"  I think I'll probably keep them on here.  Paranoid-brain is a real life-sucker, you know?


susan said...

I absolutely know what you mean.

Kam said...

I think this is a good idea... I really need to do the same. I hope you are well Sunny, thanks for the idea!!