Friday, January 18


inediblehulk: I can't wait much longer for my TV
inediblehulk: It feels like Christmas
Sunny S: haha
inediblehulk: Circa 1988
inediblehulk: Well, except for that TVs sucked back then
inediblehulk: And I'm taller
Sunny S: you didn't think they sucked back then, you thought they were the most awesome tvs ever
inediblehulk: But I'm like a kid who's counting the days
inediblehulk: Yeah
inediblehulk: You're right
Sunny S: but you were shorter
Sunny S: that part you've got right.
inediblehulk: And my NES was as good as gaming systems would ever get
Sunny S: totally.
inediblehulk: I don't even want to know how I'll be wasting my money in 2028
Sunny S: hahaha
inediblehulk: Hopefully they fly, whatever they are.

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