Thursday, April 21

Jay had an Awesome Idea

She asked:

A) What is the name of your blog?

B) What does the name mean (to you)?

Sunshine and Lollipops is a (slightly ironic) reference to the way I tend to look at life. Sure, I'm pretty optimistic, but I'm not always blogging about all the things in my life that are happiness and light. It pretty much means "Happiness and Light", only with a little more creativity. For some reason, it makes me think of Annie. I'm not a fan of Annie. It reminds me of the musical, is all.

And then there's my url: sunnystributeblog. I originated at, and posted there for a few months before coming over to blogger. I vaguely remembered posting there when I was a wee lass in college, and when I was meeting people on, it was the place to journal. Little did they know, it blows.

When I met Bruce, he had a blogger blog, and I was immediately in love. I started this blog in a thinly veiled attempt at copying him.. therefore the "tribute blog" name. Like a tribute band, only (if it's possible) less cool.

My user name is sunnyfreakingday. I chose this name because I used to go by the slightly-less-easy-to-pronounce soneedai (pronounced 'sunny day') on my Yahoo! chats. Sunnyfreakingday is easier to remember, and with a bite to it. It's not something I need to explain. I'm a ray of motherfucking sunshine, and that's all you need to know about me. Why not motherfuckingsunshine, you say? Well, obviously because Yahoo! does not allow FUCKING in their screen names. Many a teenaged fantasy has been ruined by that little rule, let me tell you.

So that's my story. I hope you enjoyed.

AKA: Sunny
AKA: Sunnyfreakingday
AKA: Soneedai

PS: If you're wanting to chat Yahoo! style, I highly reccomend you try the Advice Central 1 room. If you tell them sunnyfreakingday sent you, they might try to impress you with their attempts to act sane. Don't believe them. They're crazy fucks.

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