Thursday, April 14

The Wedding-Outfit is Almost Complete!

We're on our way.

I came in from outside (I know, I know, my bad habit strikes again) to hear Bruce in the shower. We're going to Old Navy. Bruce wants to buy some appropriate footwear for the wedding/after-wedding (flip-flops, of course, why else would we do it on the beach?), and I need to find an appropriate swimming suit. I would post a picture of a tankini, but it appears that they are an extinct species at this time of year. WHY!? In any case, wish me luck.

Ok, so I know I own three bikinis already, but I can't be expected to showcase my amazing overgrown belly* in one of those, now can I? And no, before you ask, I'm not pregnant (Praise Pete!). It's the regular, run-of-the-mill overeating/underexercising sort of fantastic expanding belly**.

Bruce has been working his ass off on his websites, and I'm so glad. I wish there was a way to tell him without any doubts how much I appreciate it, but I don't think it's getting across. I might get bored hanging around the living room at times, but I'm a big girl, and if I really wanted to do more than watch Law and Order and Angel, I really would. I just happen to like being bored and watching re-runs. Hey, I dream big, what can I say?

Tune in tomorrow for a harrowing fairy tale adventure! (The moral of which is: Never Take the Advice of the Twelve-Year-Old Who Works at the Tanning Salon)

*Totally what my belly should look like, what with all my free time

**Totally what my belly doesn't look like after 6 months of lying on the couch eating cinnamon-sugar toast and watching re-runs. What, you think I'd post my hideous red gut for the world to see? Ok, maybe tomorrow

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Jess said...

You brave girl. Even the word "swimsuit" causes my to shiver. I dropped $80 on one last summer, and I'm done for a while. Good luck!