Tuesday, April 5

We Have Liftoff!

Wedding stuff, here we come!

We spent the weekend seriously discussing options and slaving in front of the keyboard and monitor, researching places and things and stuff, and man, are my brains killing me. It's great, because we know now exactly where everyone will be staying, and how they will be getting there. It's horrible, because my fiance got to see exactly how much I dislike being the "planner" and the "researcher".

I think at one point yesterday, when we were looking up rental cars (just in case anyone wanted that information, you know, because we're so damned helpful in that sense), I actually whined at Bruce. "Sarah haaates reeeaasearch. Sarah doesn't waannaaa do this anymore. Stoooop." But he just laughed. As though I were kidding. Come on.

It's all becoming more and more awesome, though, as things are progressing. We've got a tentative list of guests - we're sure it's between 15-20. Do you want to know who's coming? No? Oh well:

  • Mom and Dad (mine)
  • Mom and Ron (B's)
  • Robby
  • Jamie (my cousin)
  • Grandma Sally
  • Lisa and (guest)
  • Jamie and Terri (B's TNow friends)
  • Abbie
  • John
  • Mac and Pam

That's only 15, but I'm betting we're going to pick up some stragglers, like Nikki From Florida and Sean Bruce's Brother. I've also got to call my old friend Eddie and see if he feels rich and up to a trip to Florida.

This is the hotel. Seriously, check it out. It's one of the nicest hotel websites I've seen lately (and for fuckssake, I've seen a LOT), and for a single hotel room, it's UNDER $50. I'm not sure where B and I hit the hotel-karma-jackpot, but I'm also not questioning it.

This is the lady who's making us married. I think it's extra-awesome that she does not only weddings, but commitment ceremonies as well. Not because we need it, but because it's awesome to see someone willing to perform them. Especially on people like the ones halfway down the page, The Ellusive Hot Lesbian Couple. I showed Bruce last night, after being shocked myself, and he said, "Oh my God, I thought it was a MYTH!!" Seriously, look at Jennifer Piper and Lisa Morgan. Hot, bikini-clad, and lesbians in a total state of commitment. It makes me teary-eyed. THEY DO EXIST!

Ok, that's about all I have for today. What the hell am I talking about? Why do I constantly diminish myself like that? THIS HAS BEEN KEEPING ME AWAKE AT NIGHT. Why do I have to say, "That's about all", like it's nothing? God, I suck. And I suck even more at making myself feel better.

You know what would really boost my confidence a little? A COMMENT!


Abbs said...

oh punkin head! things will go so smoothly, that it'll be over before you know it.
my advice is slow down, enjoy the moment AND your man. this is a once in a lifetime chance! don't stress.....


Jess said...

Although I haven't ever planned myself a wedding (at least not yet), I hear waaaaay too much stressing from the people I do know who are planning them. Like Abbs said, relax and enjoy the time before you're married. It's the after part that is supposed to be the work. :)

Jay said...

Yahoo for you. Sounds like things are starting to come together for you. Let the countdown begin!

Anonymous said...

man I really wish I could make it - this whole buying a house thing threw a real twist in my plans....Looks like you have a good crew though - I am anxious to hear the stories.