Sunday, April 24

'Cause, You Know.. That's Just Odd.


So a few hours after the leaving of the Bruce to go to the friend's house for just a few minutes to "find the cell phone", I'm sitting here thinking.

Linus just pushed his little-kitty-strong-like-bull nose into the crack between the door and the frame of The Office and jarred it open. (It's named The Office because, as my dear soon-to-be-hubby once told me, "It's not exactly accurate, but why would we want to call it the "Blogging and Looking at Porn Room"?) Because I'm not in the mood for a replay of last weekend (see: Me calling frantically, unhappy at being by self at home; RE: Dependancy Issues), I toyed briefly with the idea of dialing the phone and letting him (Linus) talk.

Bruce: Hello?

Linus: Prrr-ooow-oo-OO?

Bruce: Linus?

Linus: Prr-OO-ooo-Oooo-OW?

Bruce: Of course! Mom has to work tomorrow, and she's getting sleepy! I'll be home to tuck her into bed with the fleecy blankets in 20 seconds!

Linus: Mrrooooooow-prrroooO!

Bruce: Of course she's not upset. I understand. She just wants me to cuddle her in so that she can sleep with ease. Don't worry.

Linus: Prrr-ooo.

Bruce: Hey, I'm pulling in, and I'm going to hang up. It's just too fucking weird when you're on the phone with someone and you're looking at each other. Bye.

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Miss Wired said...

That is sooo freaky that I refuse to buy a cell phone just in case that happens.