Friday, April 15

There has been an incident

An incident in which I might have appeared to be a bitch, but only for the amount of time it took for me to be invited to a bar I could get into (remember, ID incident) and get drunk.

There has also been an incident wherein the kitten feels that although I've arrived home drunk and smelly and promising of The Male to get here soon, he's still all over me and not relenting.

GIVE UP. Your entire face will not fit up my right nostril. RELENT.

[Ok, so I might have stolen that from someone funnier than I. It's still funny.]

And the biting of the (albeit drunk and feeling only part of the everyday pain) face is not making me happy.

I want to talk to Bruce tomorrow. A big, forever-type talk about everything. Sometimes (and I know this is screwy) I wish we still lived 11,000 miles away. When the only way I could fall asleep was to listen to his voice (and vice-versa) things got said a lot more frequently. As the wedding gets closer, I want to make sure we're getting closer as well. It's just too damn easy to fall into the 'wake up, do your thing, fall asleep' thing when the 'thing' is just waiting to be fallen asleep next to.

I miss missing him. It sounds ungrateful, but it's true. I miss him missing me too, sometimes.


Jay said...

It's true, but we can't really have it both ways, unfortunately. When you're apart every day is all about being together, and then when you're together, you romanticize the being apart. Such is life.

LostNotFound1980 said...

Deep. I wish I had something wise to say here but I don't. Good luck follow your heart and all the jazz.

sunny said...

I'm still going with the heart thing.

And if it makes you feel any better, it was a little more drunk than deep.

I wish I had something wise to say, too.

Jess said...

Being around each other every day makes it a lot easier to forget how much you craved being with him in the first place. We become "used to" the idea of someone being there all the time. It becomes routine.

And then, just when you think you'll go insane because you're not sure it's still the same, something amazing will happen to make you realize it's not the same. It's better.