Monday, June 20


I was going through my regular blog reads tonight, and found an answer I'd been waiting for. It seems that some of us web-folken (specifically, women) are braver than others. I think the comment below expresses as close as I could my relief at seeing this online review, courtesy of Jo.*

Comment to the Post:: "I sit here... in the Northern summer clime of Vancouver, Canada... and I am simply awestruck... overwhelemed with a relief that is matched only by the time that I discovered that a very disturbing looking red/raw blemish on my nether regions turned only out to be a spider bite.
You see... I had absolutely no idea... none... that there were even ONE other person who develops an angry thigh-rubbing rash... to hear that(gasp!) this is relatively common? Well... I'm simply flabergasted. I cannot describe the self-loathing I encountered every time I'd ever felt that itchy, soon to be painful skin rubbing sensation between what I perceive to be my ample thighs. 'Surely,' I thought... '...this serves as testament to my status as an overweight sloth.'
Ah... I feel such an indelible relief... that I swear I hear the birds chirping and the breeze rustling the pretty summer leaves outside the windows of this tall glass tower I sit in.
Thank you. Thank you, all."

*The Leery Polyp rocks, and I'm ashamed to admit that once I sent Jo a scary email that didn't say anywhere in it how much wine I had drunk that night; it had all the scary, too-friendly aspects of a harmless drunkard at the bar, but without the explanation that I was FUCKING WASTED to go with it and make it less creepy. It's one of those little things I have a feeling I'll always feel slightly guilty about. And yet, I'm too embarassed to actually check my sent messages to figure out how embarassing I really was. How pathetic am I? VERY. PATHETIC.


Rory Kearn said...

Sunny, I love the wedding photos. Congrats!

I don't know what it is about women and blogging, but I do agree with you. I've just spent this morning reading, Chez Miscarriage, one about a ladies daughter's liver cancer and Bettie Bookish who also has cancer.

It's bravery to put so much of yourself out there, and yet, we do it.

Glad to be back reading you.


B said...

I can agree with Rory. You put a lot of yourself out there when you do this, but I love every second of it that I get to read.