Tuesday, June 14


I took my luncheon today with a nice gentleman. He caught me coming out of the building, and followed me to the patio furnature we have on display, and asked me if he could sit with me. I was immediately paranoid about perverts and kidnappers, of course, but I let him sit anyway. After all, why provoke the crazies? He sat, and we had a nice long conversation about the weather (we almost had bad weather last night! There were sirens! IT WAS COOL.) and the general state of affairs. Speaking of which, I had 3 minutes to spare, so we scampered off and did it in my car*. HAHA! Caught you! He was very talkative and nice, and likes Harleys. But even that wasn't enough to make me sleep with him. Not that he would have wanted to, because on top of being 80 years old, and discussing my newly-wedded-ness with him, I am also...

Wearing the same clothes I've worn the last 8 times I worked in Lawn and Garden. Isn't that special? Thing is, I don't really have any more dark-with-sleeves shirts, and the last thing I want is to walk around being Sweaty Girl from Lawn and Garden. I could wear different pants. The other capris I have are jeans, and they have a tendancy to fall off my ass all the time. SO, it's either Sweaty Girl or Crack Girl, neither of which sounds appealing to me. I'd much rather be That Girl Who Might or Might Not Be Washing Her Clothes Every Time She Has to Work Lawn and Garden. Hopefully they assume I'm a better person than I actually am.

Here are some more pictures of all that family mumbo-jumbo. Ignore the one where I look like a rabbit and Bruce looks like he's high on something illegal, won't you? You're too kind.

shitload of Florida pictures. Forewarning: I believe that I might be the most self-absorbed person in the universe. If I am right (and I'm always right), my brother is the second.

What say we all go have some fun with monkeys*. Should be amusing.

**At the wedding, my brother started frantically deleting photos from his digital camera. When I caught him, I was alarmed. "Don't worry", he assured me, "I'm just deleting some of those fucking monkey pictures." Phew.

*There's no way I'm going to believe anyone thought I was serious.

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Jess said...

Even if you didn't run off to do it in your car, the fact that you slyly slipped that in there is awesome. Even 80 year old men need some love.