Thursday, June 23

I Once Grew a Hair

Straight out of the middle of my nose.

No, not the top part, where I would grow a freaking unibrow, a monobrow, etc, if given the opportunity.

I'm talking about right in the middle of my nostrils. But in the front. You know.


That was about 3 years ago, and luckily it hasn't shown it's sorry face again.

PS: The worst part? Was that I could totally see it out of the corner of my eye(s), if I went all cross-eyed. And you'd never think you do that, but man alive, when you've got a hair there, sticking out all willy-nilly and stuff? Your eyes are totally drawn to it all the time. Total cross-eye provoker.


Miss Wired said...

The white hairs growin out the top of your head will annoy you more. :P

Jess said...

Ah, random hair. And our goal as women to remove it all. It's a neverending battle. Never-freaking-ending.