Wednesday, June 29

I Love That Feeling

No, not the one when you decide that you have, indeed, had the perfect amount of beers for the night.

No, not the moment when the Straight Guy walks into his brand-spanking-newly-decorated house, and the gay guys all decide that since he's vulnerable with his eyes covered, they can make fun of/hit on him all they want.

No, not the moment at the end of the show, when they give Super Helpful Tips that Us Straight Folks would never dream of. (Although that runs a close second.)

Not even the moment when a friend you've had for a long time but haven't hung out with in months invites you over for a drink or two and wants to reinact the "everyone's enjoying the playstation game but Sunny, who doesn't so much mind, now that she's getting to hang out with the great friend for the first time in forever" moments we've all been missing out on. But that one's a close 1.5. (Seriously, tonight rocked!)

It's the moment when everyone's trying to figure out where a movie quote came from, and I'm the one who finally gives in to pressures and searches online and finds out that not only is it not Edward Norton who says it in a movie, but he's not even in the movie where it was said. But it's still an awesome quote, don't get me wrong. And then I get to go into the other room and be all knowing, and hold them in suspence for a few seconds and (completely) relish the moment. Don't you love that feeling?

I know I do.

Oh, the quote?

Yeah, something like..
Are you calling me on the cellular phone? I don't know you. Who is this? Don't come here, I'm hanging up the phone! Prank caller, prank caller!


SJ said...

It sounds like a line from the Sopranos. (and dammit! I know I've heard this line!!!)

Kateri said...

Nope, Pulp Fiction. I know that film by heart. Eric Stoltz said it to John Travolta on the cell phone when he was bringing over the ailing Uma Thurman.