Thursday, June 2

Midweek Update

I've been getting more foot rubs than I've gotten my entire life. I LOVE BEING MARRIED.

I've also been working my motherfucking ass off. It sucks. This working? It's for the birds, man.

We're working out a deal where we might be able to persuade my dad to move 'up north' for a few months, and then be able to rent out their Shawano house for a while. (Probably a few months, consistant with the number of months they want to live 'up north'. Go figure.) It's not working out so well, only because my dad hasn't been home for the past WEEK, and I haven't been able to ask him. Wish me luck for tonight!

I'm seriously pooped. I can't remember the last time I worked a 42 hour week, my bones are killing me.

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Miss Wired said...

Such is the beauty of sleep-ins!!!