Friday, June 23

Did You See?

How does everyone like the new colors? I think I like them.

Oh, and I'm also totally not bitching about B anymore.

I think that was PMS.

Yeah, I know, I totally had a week of talking about it (sorry guys!) and then it wasn't even coming yet. My body throws off false signals.

I'm going home for 4th of July. Driving again, a full 12 hour trip again. God help me again. It's ok, I sort of like to drive that route. Hopefully this time I won't be hacking up a lung all the way back, because that was less than pleasant. I'm still holding out hopes that Bruce will be able to join me for a few days. I do know that I'm bringing Huck with me. Dad was pretty excited. Maybe I'll talk them into getting a puppy after all. Maybe that's why Bruce isn't feeling it, he's really looking forward to a vacation from the puppy. That can't be true, can it?

I just walked into the bedroom because I heard the tinkling of little bells. Linus and Huck were sitting in the middle of the bed, Huck with Linus's detatched collar in his mouth, chewing away. Linus was watching. They both looked up at me as if to ask what the hell I was looking at.

I'm starting a new thing, I call it "Stream of Consciousness Fridays". Fun!


susan said...

Oy. Tom & I just did the 12 hour drive up to Orygun again last month for the wedding. Lemme tell you...audiobooks are where it's at. If you can find yourself a good one, it really helps make the time go by.

B said...

No bitching about me today? Weird.

We really need to get a tape player or cd player or something added into your car. Those kind of trips are long and unfortunate without anything but the sound of low-band gospel stations.

It's a darn shame I won't have the dog around for a stepping in pee or having cds chewed up or poop on the floor. I dont know what I'll do with myself. ;)

I'm sure you'll have a great time up there. the parents will probably want a dog after spending a few days with our charming boy.

Jess said...

Sometimes, you just have to bitch about the significant other. I do it. It's not PMS. It's just me venting. If you don't, it just builds up and then you become a real girl all bringing up the things they did ten months ago.... :o)

lisahhhh said...

Hmmm...Stream of Consciousness Fridays? Sounds better than Jesse Thompson Fridays. Well, it doesn't SOUND better, but you and I both know it is.